Academic Year Programme
at EC Brighton

Course Level Course Level     Intermediate, Upper Intermediate, Advanced, Proficiency Min Student Age Min Age: 18
Minimum Weeks Min Weeks: 24 weeks Max Class Size Max Class Size: 14 Class Time Class Time:
Min Student Age Duration: 45 min Min Student Age Course Enrolment Fee: Minimum Weeks Exam Fee:
Cambridge preparation courses give you the opportunity to study for an internationally-recognised qualification. At BSC we offer two levels: First Certificate and Advanced.
Courses last for 10 or 12 weeks and are offered at our centres three times a year.

If you decide to take a First Certificate or an Advanced course we will send you an entry test to decide if you have the appropriate level to realistically pass the exam. This needs to be returned to us 2 weeks before the course. Acceptance on the course is subject to the result of this and an oral exam, which will be given on the first day. The test is also a needs analysis, which enables the teacher to compile material to work on the special needs of the students in the class. Every month tutorials are held to assess progress and also to help you and teacher decide which areas must be worked on.
The cost does not include an examination fee of approx. £80 which should be paid in the first 2 weeks of the course.

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