General English plus work
at ELC Brighton

Course Level Course Level     Intermediate - Advanced Min Student Age Min Age: 17
Minimum Weeks Min Weeks: 2 Max Class Size Max Class Size: 12 Class Time Class Time:
Min Student Age Duration: 50 min Min Student Age Course Enrolment Fee: Minimum Weeks Exam Fee:

Typical Course Content

In the mornings you study on the General English course in a multi-national class at your level.

This afternoon option is designed to introduce English used in everyday office situations and in routine communication between companies. Each lesson will focus on a particular area such as:

  • using the telephone
  • giving presentations
  • meetings and negotiations
  • business correspondence (emails, letters and faxes)
  • business vocabulary

This afternoon option is run for two weeks, every 4 weeks and is £333 per week.



 Min age: 17

Level: Intemediate-Advanced

   Typical Course Content

The General English Courses are designed to give you the confidence to communicate effectively in real-life situations.
The course provides a balanced programme, focusing on the skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing, whilst covering essential grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, idioms and colloquial language.
It provides effective training for students who need English for work, study or travel. In addition it can help provide preparation for a number of exams including IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC, KET and PET.
You can choose either:
  • 25 lessons General English (all levels)
  • 30 lessons General English (all levels)
  • 20 lessons General English + 10 lessons of special options (Intermediate to Advanced)
  • placement test to ensure a class at the right level
  • regular progress checks
  • daily homework
  • multi-national classes
  • at least one lesson a week in the computer laboratory
  • all course material provided
  • regular tutorials with class teacher to give study advice
  • use of the Study Centre after lessons
  • the minimum age is 17 (16 in January, February, July and August)
  • end of course certificate with hours of study and final level 


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