Corporate English
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Course Level Course Level     Intermediate - Advanced Min Student Age Min Age: 18
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The Course
In partnership with The Learning Labyrinth, we offer a range of bespoke Corporate English programmes for businesses that employ non-native speakers of English. The training is conducted on your premises, saving your business both time and money. We have run successful programmes with Reuters, the FSA, and Credit Suisse, where 75% of participants were promoted to higher positions within 12 months of completing the programme.
Our programmes are modular and not linear, meaning that participants can select the most relevant modules to their position and responsibilities, and are at two levels: a lower level programme, ‘Understanding and Being Understood’, and a higher level programme, ‘Business English in Use’. In addition, the modular nature of the progrmmes means that you, the employer, can pick and choose which modules would be most useful for your business, and only buy what you need.
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 Min age: 18

Level: Intermediate

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