Kaplan Cambridge

Kaplan Cambridge

Take English courses in Cambridge, one of the world’s most famous university towns. Study in this vibrant, exciting student haven that still holds on to its prestigious and fascinating roots.

 Kaplan's English School in Cambridge

Our English school in Cambridge, located in the famous university town, offers a great academic experience with the traditional culture you would expect to find in England. Cambridge is one of the world’s oldest student cities, and it offers a lively community as well as a rich history. 

Taking English courses in Cambridge lets you join the local student community and experience what it’s like to be a part of Cambridge life. Students who book for 4 or more weeks receive a bicycle to use during their time in Cambridge. 

Kaplan Cambridge Facilities

  • Located in a beautiful historical building
  • Large garden with games tables and picnic benches
  • Wireless internet throughout the school and in the garden
  • Student lounge with hot and cold snacks and drinks
  • Free bicycle rental for students of 4+ weeks 


Location: Cambridge
Nearest major city: Cambridge
Nearest international airport: London Stansted, 28 miles
Enrolment Fee:
Accommodation placement Fee:
Miscellaneous Fee:
  Internet Access Garden Student Lounge Cafe/Canteen
Kaplan Cambridge Special Offers
Book any min. 12 weeks course at with ukstudy and get one week Hostfamily accommodation worth £160 FOR FREE!!
Book any min. 24 weeks course at with ukstudy and get one week Hostfamily accommodation plus Amsterdam & Bruges tour worth £350 ALL FOR FREE!!
Book any min. 6 weeks course at with ukstudy and get a London weekend tour worth £100 FOR FREE!!
Book any min.36 weeks Course at with Ukstudy and get one week Hostfamily accommodation, Amesterdam and Paris tours worth £450 ALL FOR FREE!!

 Kaplan Cambridge Accommodation

Kaplan Cambridge-Student Residences
Staying at a residence is a great way to meet other international students and explore the city while studying in Cambridge. Enjoy a sociable atmosphere with the independence of student living spaces.
Room type: Twin, single, triple or quad rooms
Minimum age: 18
Meals provided: 14 per week
Kaplan Cambridge-Homestay
Join our homestay program and live with a British family during your time in Cambridge. Share meals with your hosts, practice your English outside of school and learn about Cambridge first-hand.
Room type: Twin or Single
Minimum age: 16
Meals provided: 14 per week

Kaplan Cambridge Social Activities

Things to See and Do with Kaplan Cambridge


UK Excursions with Kaplan Cambridge
The main Kaplan Cambridge provider of tours is www.ukstudytours.com  a specialist company that offers day trips and weekend excursions around the UK and Europe ,students can buy their tickets online or through our school social organiser.
There are trips to:

For more information about Ukstudy tours please visit www.ukstudytours.com





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