General English
at Kings Colleges Bournemouth

Course Level Course Level     ENGLISH Min Student Age Min Age: 16
Minimum Weeks Min Weeks: 2 Max Class Size Max Class Size: 14 Class Time Class Time: AM
Min Student Age Duration: 45 min Min Student Age Course Enrolment Fee: Minimum Weeks Exam Fee:

English Language Entry Levels:

  • GE 20 Course:  Elementary - Advanced (20 lessons weekly)
  • GE 24 Course:  Elementary - Advanced (24 lessons weekly)
  • GE 30 Course:  Intermediate - Advanced (30 lessons weekly)
  • GE 40 Course:  Intermediate - Advanced (40 lessons weekly)

Course Structure & Content:

  • 10 lessons weekly in grammar & functions
  • 2 lessons weekly in vocabulary development
  • 4 lessons weekly in reading & writing skills
  • 4 lessons weekly in speaking, listening & pronunciation skills
  • 4 lessons weekly in additional speaking, reading, listening & writing skills (GE 24 only)
  • 10 lessons weekly selected from one of the following (GE 30 and GE 40 only)
  • preparation for the University of Cambridge (FCE)
  • preparation for the University of Cambridge (CAE)
  • preparation for the University of Cambridge (BEC)
  • English Language Workshop (ELW)
  • 10 lessons weekly in additional speaking skills, conversation practice & debate on current affairs, cultural topics & themes from British life (GE 40)

Award:  BBSI Certificate in General English  

Course Objectives:

  • develop a sound knowledge of English grammar
  • acquire a broad range of relevant English vocabulary
  • develop effective listening & reading skills
  • build fluency & confidence in speaking & pronunciation
  • integrate our students into living in the UK
  • maximise the learning experience in the UK
  • prepare for Cambridge ESOL examinations (GE 30 and GE 40 only)
  • gain insights into the language & culture of the UK (GE 40 only)

BBSI General English courses are modular in format so that students can join a course at any time throughout the year and study for periods that suit their personal circumstances.  These courses enable students to acquire the language and communication skills that they need.  We offer a choice of 4 General English study programmes that vary in intensity to fit a student's particular needs: a 20-lesson weekly study programme (GE20), a 24-lesson weekly study programme (GE24), a 30-lesson weekly study programme (GE30), and a 40-lesson weekly study programme (GE40).  The GE20 and GE24 options are available to those at an Intermediate level in English or above.  The courses can be joined on any Monday throughout the year, and can be studied for a period of between one and 48 weeks.

Students are tested and interviewed on arrival at BBSI and are then placed in international classes at a language level to suit their needs.  The training methods are functional and practical, and a wide range of effective teaching methods is utilised to suit different types of learner.  Our interactive techniques stimulate interest, inspire motivation, increase the efficiency of the learning process and achieve the highest possible levels of language retention.  All course options are conducted around a busy social and activity programme.

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