Summer English Plus
at Loxdale Brighton

Course Level Course Level     Intermediate - Advanced Min Student Age Min Age: 17
Minimum Weeks Min Weeks: 2 Max Class Size Max Class Size: 12 Class Time Class Time:
Min Student Age Duration: 45 min Min Student Age Course Enrolment Fee: Minimum Weeks Exam Fee:

 Summer English Plus

The English 'Plus' Course combines our highly popular Summer General English Course with a diverse and exciting range of cultural and educational subjects.
There’s something to suit all tastes, and while you learn you will get to practise your English with like-minded classmates. Subjects include art, drama, Extra English and British culture.
Based on active student participation, this unique programme is designed to reinforce your appreciation of the English language at a deeper cultural level. You can choose to study as many subjects as you like, and you will receive friendly support and encouragement from our qualified teachers every step of the way.
The course is suitable for students from intermediate level and above.
Learning hours
You can expect to spend a minimum of 20 sessions of 45 minutes each for your English studies and 2 lessons of Britain Today each Monday afternoon. (16.5 hours of learning per week) and for your English 'Plus' module, you will be expected attend 4 teacher-led classes of 45 minutes each week. This is a total of 26 lesson or 19 hours and 30 minutes per week.
The Britain Today lessons involve finding out more about how British society works. This stimulating course involves 2 lessons or lectures each week on different aspects of modern Britain, with subjects including the welfare, educational, social, political and legal systems.
Students can study on the course for 2, 3 or 4 weeks. One week the English lessons will be in the mornings and the next they will be in the afternoons and so on.
There are a maximum of 16 students on each English 'Plus' course. We need 6 participants on a course in order to run it.
All students have a test and an interview on their first day to establish their level of English. If you are unsure of your level of English, you can take our test before you enrol. Alternatively look at the Council of Europe Language Level Scale to see what level you are. Please note that some courses require a minimum level of English in order to participate.
Please note you will be required to buy course books for your English studies.
Start Dates:
Summer Module 1 2 to 27 July
a) Creative English b) Extra English
c) Photography d) British Culture
Summer Module 2 30 July to 24 August
a) Sketchbooks b) Extra English
c) Drama d) British Culture

 Min age:17

Level: Intermediate

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