Olivet Brighton

Olivet Brighton
Olivet is accredited by the British Council: it is inspected and meets high standards in every area. We have more than 30 years of quality teaching to students from all around the world. Every class is multilingual and students are adults (16+ years).
A team of qualified Christian teachers create a caring ethos, but students of all faiths are welcomed and respected.
Olivet Brighton Teaching & Facilities
All teachers have internationally recognised qualifications in teaching English to non-English speakers – All are also committed Christians.
Classes are small, never more than 14 students; often there are fewer. Everybody can easily take part in the lessons. Most students are adults and all classes are multilingual.
Lessons focus on the students’ needs, interests and aims. Students learn by using the language through conversation, discussion, role-play, pair work, games, videos/DVDs, cassettes and books. Most writing is done as homework. There are progress tests and times when students to talk with their tutors about their learning. Lessons are interesting; learning is fun!
Olivet Brighton Facilities
  • Large, sunny classrooms over looking the sea
  • Students’ Room where students can relax and chat
  • Students’ Kitchen: students can buy tea/coffee and make mid day lunch
  • Computers for computer assisted learning
  • Email and Internet facilities

Location: Brighton
Nearest major city: London
Nearest international airport: London Gatwick,
Enrolment Fee:
Accommodation placement Fee:
Miscellaneous Fee:
  Vending Machine Kitchen Internet Access Computer Lab Student Lounge
Olivet Brighton Special Offers
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Book any min. 24 weeks course at with ukstudy and get one week Hostfamily accommodation worth £150 plus Scotland tour worth £170 ALL FOR FREE!!
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 Olivet Homestay & private homes

(Arrangement fee £50)
Living with an English family is a great way to practise your English and to get to know the English way of life. You are immersed in the English language and culture.Your family may be a family with children, an older couple without children or a person living alone. All families are carefully selected and visited. Most of them are Christians.
Olivet is in the centre of the city, surrounded by shops, offices and small apartments.Most families live in houses in the residential suburbs, a short bus ride from Olivet. The bus stops outside the school.
You have your own study/bedroom and share the kitchen, bathroom, lounge, etc.with the family.
You pay your accommodation money direct to the family, not to the school, usually 4 weekly in advance.
Nobody lives at the school.
The family gives you all your meals except mid-day lunch Monday to Friday when you are at school.
Buy and cook your own food
In some families you can buy and cook your own food. This can be very good if you are staying for a long time or need a special diet.
These ‘families’ are often a man or woman living alone but we are careful – we usually arrange for women to stay with women!
The Olivet Student House (residential accommodation)
(Arrangement fee £50)
The student house is near the city center, only 2 minutes walk from Olivet. When you stand at the fornt door you can see the sea!
You live with students (18+ years) from all round the world and make good friends. You are more independent than when living with a family but you may not have so many opportunities to talk with native English speakers.
There are 6 study/bedrooms, a kitchen/ dining room, lounge, 2 bathrooms and extra WC.
You have your own study/bedroom and share the rest of the house with the other students.
You buy and cook your own food and keep the house clean.
You pay for your room plus a share of the cost of electricity and gas but you do not have to pay for a bus ticket to get to and from Olivet; it’s almost next door!
Before you go into the house you pay a damage deposit. When you leave this is returned to you if everything is clean and in good oder.
For Families
Olivet Brighton can help you find a flat or house to rent for your time here.
The cost depends on the size of the flat/house and the time of year; e.g. GBP 100.00 to GBP 250.00 per week.
If you are staying for less than 6 months you have to take ‘holiday’ accommodation which is much more expensive.

Olivet Social Activities

Every weekend there is an opportunity to join students from other schools in the Brighton and Hove area on an excursion to, say, Oxford or London or some other famous place. These excursions cost extra.

There’s plenty to do in and around Brigton and Hove: sports, music, cinema, theatre, pubs, clubs, museums, historic buildings, beautiful countryside, picturesque old villages, and so on… Sometimes students organise a visit or an evening out and invite all the other students to join them.
Several evenings each week students can join activities organised by local churches, such as an International Student cafe or sports or Bible study groups.
On Public Holidays we usually offer an excursion in place of lessons. Olivet also organises other activities from time to time.
UK Excursions with Olivet Brighton
The main Olivet Brighton provider of tours is www.ukstudytours.com  a specialist company that offers day trips and weekend excursions around the UK and Europe ,students can buy their tickets online or through our school social organiser.
There are trips to:

For more information about Ukstudy tours please visit www.ukstudytours.com

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